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Lady Gaga Fantasy Hairstyle

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Lady Gaga Fantasy Hairstyle Game


Girls, Lady Gaga often goes to parties and dances when she is free. Today she will attend to a big party. Lets help her design a fashionable hairstyle and dress her up. First, design hairstyle. Cut and dry. If the hair is very short, you can use the magic shampoo to make the hair become longer. If you are not satisfied with your work, you can press the Undo button. There are many different colors. Lady Gaga likes colorful hair very much. So use as many colour as you can. You can also press the Undo button and dye the hair again. Before she goes to the party, she needs to try different dresses to find the most beautiful one. You can help her try them on one by one. You can also help her choose the accessories. Dont forget that Lady Gaga likes to wear perfume, so help her choose the best perfume. Come on, girls. Its a good chance to learn how to help the famous star design hairstyle. You will have a good time and Lady Gaga will be satisfied with your work.


Use your mouse to play.

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